SDG Documents in foreign languages

On this page you find all our tools that have been translated to English, French and/or Spanish.

Many of these materials have been developed in the context of our SDG Pilot Project. Discover the approach and lessons learned of VVSGs SDG pilot project with local governments 2017-2019

In 2023 VVSG released its first SDG-report ('Voluntary Subnational Review'), together with the Association of Flemish Provinces (VVP). The report shows how cities, municipalities and provinces contribute to the realisation of the 2030 Agenda , using both data (indicators) and practical examples. Consult the full report, or read through the synthesis and infographic.

Raising awareness on the SDGs

Campaign Sustainable Municipality Week

  • NEW: inspirational flyer for foreign municipalities to join the campaign: Why participate? What materials are available (for free) in your language? What kind of creative actions can you do with your twinning partner during Sustainable Municipality Week? Flyer available in English, French and Spanish
  • Inspirational paper on our annual campaign 'Sustainable Municipality Week': format, lessons learned and roadmap. Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Videos in English about the campaign  (interviews with participants, compilation of images, calls to participate, ...).
  • Manual (2020 edition) for Flemish municipalities participating in the Sustainable Municipality Week campaign, in English, French and Spanish.
  • NEW: Campaign materials for international twinning partners of Flemish municipalities

SDGs & policy making

SDGs & political strategy

International cooperation

  • Publication 'From North-South to Global', a vision on municipal policies for global solidarity
  • This publication highlights 40 examples of how your municipality can integrate the SDGs into its international activities. Also available in Spanish and in French.
  • The municipalities of Brasschaat and Herent worked with their South American twinning partners on equal partnership and participation. They summarised their experiences in 7 lessons learned. Available in English, French and Spanish.