Documents in foreign languages

Here you can find all our publications, recommendations, tools, ​etc. that have been translated to English, French and/or Spanish.

Many of these materials have been developed in the context of our SDG Pilot Project (more information on the Pilot Project below).

a. Awareness raising

- check out our animation movie in English, French and Spanish

- publication SDGs in your municipality: 50 practical awareness raising examples

- magazine 'Glocal' in English, French and Spanish

- gameboard 17 SDGs: core theme and 3 levels (circle exercise)

- gameboard 5 pillars of sustainable development: core theme and 3 levels (circle exercise)

- overview of 17 SDGs in English

b. Policy making

- basic tool, which helps to gain insight into the SDG status of your municipality through a number of specific questions and helps to accordingly determine what you want to focus on; available in English, French and Spanish.

- scenarios for integrating the SDGs into the context analysis

- publication Local Support for Global Challenges

- SDG Declaration of Committment Global Goals Local Focus in English, French and Spanish

- publication From North-South to Global

local SDG indicators + manual

c. Political strategy

- Recommendations to integrate the SDGs into local party manifestos

SDG Pilot Project

Together with a diverse, but highly motivated group of 20 Flemish municipalities, we are going through an intensive, 2-year long trajectory of in-depth experimenting, testing and exploring with methods for localizing the SDGs.

Our main aim is to structurally integrate the SDGs into municipal policy making. Eyes are set on the municipal elections of October 2018. Tools are being developed so that the SDGs will be used as the framework on which the formulation of the new multi-annual strategic plan is based. These tools and recommendations will be disseminated to all Flemish local governments.

In the project, we work on three tracks:

a. Awareness raising
- Own material VVSG:
- Collect and disseminate good practices eg with regard to sensitization of personnel and politicians of local authorities, awareness raising amongst citizens. Examples come from Flemish municipalities and organizations and from municipalities and organizations abroad.
- Develop an awareness raising campaign with the pilot municipalities to make the SDGs more visible within Flanders/Belgium and to attract media attention.

b. Policy making
We want to integrate the SDGs into the Policy and Management Cycle of Flemish local authorities. This is a strategic and financial plan for the legislative municipal period and 1 additional year.
How can this be done?
- Current multi-annual strategic plan (2014-2019): some pilot municipalities have matched their current multi-annual plan with the SDGs: is current policy in line with SDGs? Where lie the gaps, where can we take additional measures or actions?
- Preparation for the next multi-annual strategic plan (2020-2025):

  • Integration of the SDGs into the context analysis. The context analysis gives an overview of the current state of affairs in the municipality, for example with regard to demography, mobility, housing, …
    Together with the pilot group, we have developed multiple scenarios on how to introduce the SDGs into this context analysis. This can go from a more basic and low-threshold approach - such as integrating the SDGs into the introduction or developing the context analysis and afterwards linking the different themes and numbers with the SDGs – to using the SDGs as the framework to build-up your context analysis. This can mean that in the process of developing the context analysis, you work in a very participatory manner, organizing working tables where the link between the SDGs and the own municipality is discussed with colleagues of different policy domains. Using the SDGs as a framework to build-up the context analysis also means that the final, written document is for example based on the 5 P’s of sustainable development or even the 17 SDGs.
  • Integrate the SDGs into the policy notes/memorandum the administration writes for the new policy makers (after elections) = priorities of the administration
  • indicators: how can we translate the global indicators to local indicators. Which indicators (quantitative + qualitative) can we use to monitor progress towards the SDGs at the level of local authorities.
    • Look at the other possibilities of integrating the SDGs into the Policy and Management Cycle, eg assign a SDG-code to every action in the multi-annual plan.
c. Political strategy
How can we reach the local politicians in order to strengthen their knowledge of the SDGs and their importance, and so that they will use the SDGs when formulating the new multi-annual strategic plan after the municipal elections.
What do we do:
- urge the national political parties to include the SDGs into their programme towards their local branches.
- Develop recommendations for local parties on how to include the SDGs into their party programme
- Check and further develop political strategy together with the politicians of the 20 pilot municipalities