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European Automotive Forum - Urban (auto)mobility

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Urban automobility is changing rapidly, driven by the need for cleaner, smarter and safer ways of getting around in cities. While traditional car manufacturers are moving ahead to deliver exactly those vehicles that suit the needs of their customers, digitalization and changing regulation offer opportunities for new mobility solutions and disruptive business models.

How does the automotive industry respond to this changing environment? Can public authorities balance out the need for mobile yet green and pleasant cities? Which steps must be taken to tackle the transport challenges of the cities of tomorrow? How can new mobility providers contribute to this aim? And what’s the view of the citizens and businesses in all this?

Five questions at the core of the 6th European Automotive Forum.
Come and join the debate.

In de marge van het autosalon organiseert FEBIAC op 18 januari 2018 het European Automotive Forum met stedelijke mobiliteit als thema – Urban (auto)mobility.

Meer info: www.eaf2018.eu